Tips to Conceive a Boy

It is an undeniable fact that there are plenty of parents in existence who would like to be sure of their child’s gender. The factors behind this choice vary. In most situations, this is because of personal and social aspects. Nonetheless, there are some who preferred to have a child of a specific gender because of medical factors. There is a type of disorder that can simply be manifested by having a child of a certain gender which is a hereditary sex-linked disease; this is one excellent example of the stated medical factors. Parents who are aware that they’re a carrier of the genes that creates the ailment, often think that it is their responsibility to safeguard their children by selecting their gender. The attention for gender choice has risen over the years.  This is probably the factor why many women these days wished to know how to conceive a boy. Continue reading

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How to Conceive a Boy Naturally

How to Conceive a Boy Naturally

Tips for Conceiving a Boy

If you’ve been searching for methods on how to conceive a boy naturally and finally add a son to your family, no doubt you’ve at least looked into medical gender selection methods like MicroSort sperm sorting and PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis). And, if you’re like a lot parents to be, you probably noticed more than a few problems with those methods.

Why Opt for Natural Methods for Conceiving a Boy?

First of all, clinical methods ain’t cheap. MicroSort can cost around $4000 all inclusive. PGD alone is around $3000 plus the cost of in vitro fertilization which will run you $10,000 to $15,000 (Ha! And you thought adoption was expensive!)

Perhaps even more frustrating is that fact that they’re not guaranteed. Currently MicroSort provides a 73% to 76% chance (depending on which clinic you ask) that you’ll conceive a boy. Used with IUI, though, you have max a 30% chance of getting pregnant each cycle. Continue reading

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Best Days for Conceiving a Boy

There are two different ways to decide when the best days for conceiving a boy are. The first is the “scientific” method that depends on the mother-to-be’s ovulation schedule. The second is the is the Chinese calendar method.

Ovulation Timing

As far as ovulation timing goes, the best days to conceive a boy are those that are as close to ovulation as possible. If a woman’s cycle is fairly regular, ovulation happens on the 14th day after the day menstruation starts. So, if you’re trying for a baby boy, the 9th through the 15th days of you cycle are when you want to get busy.

By taking your temperature and checking your fluids, you can predict ovulation more accurately than just counting days. See the tips on ovulation timing for more about the best days to conceive.

Keep in mind, though, that ovulation timing for conceive a son (or daughter, for that matter) is really just a theory. The theory is based on the fact that male sperm don’t live as long as female sperm. If you make love before the egg arrives and don’t make love again until after ovulation, the only sperm still around will be X chromosome “girl sperm.” Continue reading

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How to Conceive a Boy – Natural Methods for Conceiving a Boy

Welcome to my blog. Though there is a lot of debates over how moral it is to select the sex of your baby prior to them being born, the reality is that there are just about natural ways you are able to apply that will step-up the odds of giving birth to a baby of a specified sex. The morality of it is up to you and although no technique is 100% dead on target, there are a a couple of things that you (and your partner) are able to try out that will increase your probabilities on how to conceive a boy or girl.

The ways on how to conceive a baby boy I discuss here have been tried and tested by experienced midwives and are focused around the reality that the sperm cells that carry Y chromosomes, which are necessary for how to conceive a baby boy,  is absolutely opposite from the sperm that bear the X chromosome, which are requisite for a female child. By comprehending these deviations, and picking out the proper techniques,  you’re creating an environment where the Y sperm can  outshine the X sperm in the process of how to conceive a baby boy or girl. So how can you really achieve this? Continue reading

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